Toyota Pretty 2011

Toyota Pretty 2011

When : Today-December 24,2010
9.00 a.m.- 5.30 p.m.

Where : Dentsu (Thailand) Limited

Category : Event / Exhibitions

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What / Why :

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. invites pretty good personality girl to joy the competition with income over 600,000 baht in "Toyota Pretty 2011."

Screening for Toyota Pretty, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. was organized as a continuous 27 years ago to ensure the power of hip modern woman. Join one of the special public relations team. For marketing activities for Toyota's first year with revenues of up to 600,000 baht per year, with the opportunity to work with Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. in the future.

Candidates "Toyota Pretty 2011" must be a pretty good character with aplomb and good human relations, age 18-25 years, the minimum height is 165 centimeters, graduated in the bachelor level or above. Have the ability to offer efficient (Presentation Skill) to work on holidays and travel to another province. If you have the ability to communicate in English or Japanese or other feature will be an advantage and must not have obscene or vulnerable photography career at the institution, organization or cause deterioration of social morality. And never had any experience with other brands before.

In addition, those interested can apply through the website.

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