Touching the Breeze with “Pilog” Mine Legend

Touching the Breeze with “Pilog” Mine Legend

When : December 31, 2010 – January 1, 2011

Where : Pilog District, Thongphaphoom, Kanchanaburi

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What / Why :

- Exploring the beautiful of nature, mountain, and mist
- The Indigenous Show of Karen Tribe, Myanmar, and Mon
- Visit the Museum of Minerals, and see the cradle process.
- Visit an Old Mine Tunnel and Sustainable Tourism at White Elephant’s
- International Lady Mist Contest, which is occurred annually in December

History of Pilog District
“Pilog” came from the history of E Tong, which is a village that is located on Tanaosri Hill. The Burmese often smuggled ore from Nat Eng Tong Mineral (the mountain of God) and sold to the British Government of Myanmar that time. In 1939, the Thai Authority has sent the officials of Mineral Resources Department and the Ministry of Industry to explore and open the mine. Therefore, it is the initial of mining in Thailand. At that time, there was a clash between police officers and laborers of Myanmar because Thailand prohibited them to sell minerals to England. Many people were died during the fight, which make the city become haunted (Peelork), and the Burmese called the city as Pilog. It was later became the name of the minerals. Since then, the Pilog Mine became well known, which increased the number of visitors. This ore has created the prosperity to the community.

At the present, the attractions in this area are Jok Kra Ding Waterfall, Jed Mitre Waterfall, Pharprae Waterfall, Bo-Ong Pagoda, a Fishing area, and Wachiralongkorn Dam (Khao-Lam Dam).

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For More Information :

Contact : Pilog Local Administraton 034-599-568 or Thailand Tourism Authority, Kanchanaburi office 034-511-200 and 034-512-500

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