To the End of the Earth - Architecture and National Identity

To the End of the Earth - Architecture and National Identity

When : November 22,2011
3.00 - 5.20 p.m.

Where : Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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What / Why :

Lecture "To the End of the Earth - Architecture and National Identity" By Mark Krawczynski



2.30  p.m. :  Registration 
3.00  p.m. :  Opening Remarks “SoA+D Lecture Series”  by Dr. Weeraphan Shinawatra Dean of School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT 
3.10  p.m. :  “Mark Krawczynski and his works”* by H.E. Akrasid Amatayakul Former Thai Ambassador to Poland 
3.20  p.m. :  Photo session 
3.25  p.m. : “To the End of the Earth - Architecture and National Identity”  by Mark Krawczynski  Chartered Architect, Pianist, Director of Carshade Australia Pty., Ltd.  and “Poland the Future” Foundation 
4.15  p.m. : Film “Rising from the Ashes - Warsaw Story” by Mark Krawczynski 
5.05  p.m. : Q & A session 
5.20  p.m. : Acknowledgement of the Lecturer and Closing Remark
This event will be organized in 2 sessions: 
  1. The lecture of Mr. Mark Krawczynski is about 52 slides dealing with the Australian cultural and architectural evolution over 230 years. These would include Australian’s national icons in architecture for example; the Sydney Opera House, the New National Parliament Building in Canberra, the Darling Harbour Project, Extension Wing of Australian Museum, the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and many other projects. Duration of the lecture is approximately 45 minutes. 
  2. The film "Out of the Ashes - Warsaw Story" is about the rebuilding of a whole city of 1 million people, which was almost totally destroyed during World War II. The film focuses on Mr. Mark’s father, Zbigniew Krawczynski, who was one of the chief architects on this project in the 1950's. The process of rebuilding historic town of Warsaw included the preparation of the reference of historical data such as a giant drawing of old town Warsaw, a few original drawings, and collective memories of survivors. After 12 years of works, the historic town was completed and listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage in highest category of recognition. Duration is approximately 52 minutes. 




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