The Platters Live in Bangkok 2013

The Platters Live in Bangkok 2013

When : August 18, 2013.
2.00 P.M.

Where : Thai Cultural Center, Main Hall

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Singha Corporation Presents The Platters Live in Bangkok 2013



This year 2013, The Platters return to Bangkok Thailand. The Platters will grace the stage at Thailand Cultural Center with Classic’s Thai singer by Singha Corporation Presents The Platters Live in Bangkok 2013 - on August 18th, 2013.
The Platters are one of the most successful groups in Rock n’ Roll history. Yet, it would be inaccurate to classify their music as rock n’ roll. The romantic, softly rendered classics with unforgettable melodies, has become a part of the national fabric in countries all over the world. Among other noted hits, Only You, The Great Pretender, Magic Touch and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes still receive regular radio rotation in nations across the globe.
Originally formed in early 1950s Los Angeles, the group was led by Herb Reed. Other recording members were Paul Robi, David Lynch, lead singer Tony Williams and the group’s female artist Zola Taylor. Over the years Platters albums (now CDs) have sold over 100 million copies and are still generating royalties for songs written nearly sixty years ago. Today’s present configuration is led by bass singer front-man BJ Mitchell. Mitchell, a St. Louis native formerly signed to the legendary Motown record label, was brought into the group by Robi in 1974. His comedic talents and ability to relate to audiences worldwide now find him leading the group in his fourth decade.
In 2011 The Platters completed a five month tour of South America, including major concert halls, ocean-front performances (like the show at Copacabana Beach in Rio where over 25,000 people were in attendance) and popular television shows. The final vocal rendition of the evening does not signal the end of the Platters performance. Typically, audiences line up for up to two hours as the group enthusiastically signs autographs and poses for photos with fans.
Other members of the group are long-time female vocalist Linda Little, tenor Ronn Howard and lead singer Kevin Carroll.




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