Thailand Ukulele Festival 2011

Thailand Ukulele Festival 2011

When : March 12 - 13, 2011
2pm - 10pm

Where : Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon

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Who : Ribbee Boutique Ukulele Paradise

What / Why :

It's all begun when Asada, the founder of RIbbee Boutique, play his friend's ukulele from Hawaii and fell in love with it. For 10 years, he tried to find good quality ukulele in Thailand. After many years of searching, he only found low quality ukulele and the seller who don't know anything about ukulele. They called it, "tiny guitar" at that time.

Asada believed that there should be many people in Thailand who search for ukulele and turn out finding nothing. As a result, he opened his first ukulele shop right in front of his house. The number of customers increased slowly up to the point that everyone agreed to open up a ukulele club named Uke Club.

Ribbee & UkeClub offers free workshops monthly. There're several contests such as Thailand Ukulele Contest, Ukulele Journal Contest, Golden Ukulele Master Contest throughout the year. Many artists had risen from each event.

When Asada visited Hawaii for 40th Ukulele Festival Hawaii, he was inspired by the festival that has been going on for 40 years by Roy Sakuma, After returning to Thailand, Asada has a goal to organize a free ukulele festival for Thai people just like the one in Hawaii.

He has traveled to USA, Japan and Hawaii to seek world class artists to perform in Thailand Ukulele Festival. With great help from his ukulele friends, he has 8 international performers to participate along with more than 20 Thai artists at Thailand Ukulele Festival 2011.

This is the beginning of Thailand's ukulele movement. More festival and activities will be organized regularly by Ribbee Boutique. Asada's aim is to put Thailand on world ukulele lovers's map.

March 12, 2011
2 pm Thailand Ukulele Contest (Under 18)
3 pm Opening Ceremony
3:30 pm Ukulele concert begins
7:00 pm Contest result
10:00 pm End of day 1
(International artists : Shigeto Takahashi, Allen Loo, KYAS, Julia Nunes, IWAO)

March 13, 2011
2 pm Thailand Ukulele Contest (General)
3 pm Ukulele concerts begins
7 pm Contest result
10:00 pm Closing ceremony
(International artists : Shigeto Takahashi, Allen Loo, Aldrine Guerrero, Kalei Gamiao, Abe Lagrimas)

2nd Thailand Ukulele Contest

For both general & under 18 years old competitions...

- First Round : Submit VDO clip's YouTube link to by February 18, 2011

- The best 10 of each category will enter final round at Thailand Ukulele Festival stage on 12-13 March, 2011

First Prize : aNueNue Custom Build Your Uke/ Mainland Ukulele/ P Ukulele/ 3 Ribbee Ukuleles/ Winner Trophy/ Ribbee 20% discount coupons/ Your own Graffiti on Ribbee Krungtepkreeta wall.

Second Prize : 2 Ribbee Ukuleles/ Trophy/ Ribbee 20% discount coupons.

Third Prize : RIbbee Ukulele/ Trophy/ Ribbee 20% discount coupon.

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Contact : Thailand Ukulele Festival is organized by Ribbee Boutique Ukulele Paradise.

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