Taste of Curry

Taste of Curry

When : February 4,2012
7.30 p.m.

Where : Vic Hua Hin

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Who : B-floor Theatre

What / Why :

Taste of Curry



“Taste of Curry” – directed by Jarunun Phantachat and with all B-floor woman member cast, combine with live music and story about cooking along with chattering about life with all kind of languages: Thai, English, French, Gibberish and of course physical movement and live music to present all the taste of life!
B-floor Theatre – a physical theatre troupe from Bangkok – presents ‘Taste of Curry,’ a gentl production after its outrageous predecessors. Here Jaa Phantachat, a top director of B-Floor, invites you to a delicate atmosphere that penetrates slowly and deeply. Jaa’s past works, including ‘Shatter Room No. 0′, ‘Guru Theater’, and ‘Bangkok Molocules’ always won the audience with her signature – deep and biting humor.
Come explore your taste perception. Look at life through the Taste of Curry and other ingredients in this much-more-than-3D contemporary performance. You too will get to taste, comment, and express your feelings about the taste of curry being cooked in front of you by female members of B-Floor: Dujdao Vadhanapakorn, Ornanon Thaisriwong, Nana Dakin, and Sasapi Siriwanij.
Be prepared for a story of various tastes that will be chopped, prepped, mixed, stirred, minced, an boiled. Like food ingredients, audience may be mixed around with the performers and the performance as the ‘cooking’ goes. But this is no instant food. It’s a domestic kitchen process where raw materials transform into edible dishes. An ordinary kitchen where many relationships begin and weave many lives. An eating context that can define your life as much as your native language.
A multi-lingual contemporary performance with language, food, music, and body, through the eyes of a contemporary theater artist, outside the bounds of convention. Stories to be told, your most and least favorite food that reflect your identity. You are what you eat!







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Price : 500 Baht (students 50 % discount)

For More Information :

Contact : Tel:032-827-814 to 815.

Site : http://www.vichuahin.com

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