Tak Bat Devo Festival

Tak Bat Devo Festival

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Where : Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri, Uthai Thani Province

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The traditional of "Tak Bat Devo" was derived from the word "Devorohana" which means the return of Lord Buddha from Heaven to Earth. According to a Buddhist myth, after Lord Buddha had proclaimed his doctrines and sermoned his father and relatives, he recollected his mother who died after giving birth to him and was born again in Heaven.

In hie 7th lent’ he went up to heaven to deliver a sermon to his mother the entire period of the Rains Retreat (3 months). At the end of the Rains Retreat (Ok Phansa Day) which falls on the first day of the wanning moon of the eleventh lunar month, Lord Buddha then returned to earth and was greeted by a crawd of hid disciples and Buddhist believers who were waiting to offer him food.

To commemorate this event at the end of the annual Buddhist Rains Retreat, Uthai Thani Buddhist believers proudly organize the "Tak Bat Devo" Festival as ana annual tradition at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri at the top of Sakaekrang mountain. Almost being the only festival in Thailand with the same atmosphere as in the Buddhist myth. It attracts the large inf;ux of believers from all over the country to participate.

In addition, there are still more local art, culture and tradition, and various tourist attractions in Uthai Thani waiting for visitors to experience.

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