Superstar on stage

Superstar on stage

When : October 8, 2011.
8.00 P.M.

Where : Exhibition X-Hill,Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi

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Who : Poly Plus

What / Why :


Superstar on stage

'Poly Plus' celebrates 17 years of raising soup' in the eyes of 7 Series.
The Soup''show 'STAR ON STAGE 17 years, Poly Plus'.
'Poly Plus' celebrate 'the anniversary of 17 years carry the battle star hot' soup 'Star' across the sky in Thailand. Music charts with hits from the seventh series of the popular masterpieces that are still in the stage''soup 'STAR ON STAGE 17 years, Poly Plus' celebration of happiness. And Variety .... which is more than just a concert. Given as a gift to fans, October 8, at the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.
'Chat Hai !' the author plus 17 years, poly-quality entertainment. Gadhmadeded! To appease the fans would Hadetem! A gift that's great fun Rights transport a variety of 7 characters as Miss me with the great good done on the moon Angel Dear Tiger stripes her dance with him and our beloved planet. I have a love rival to death, and Hadetem! Caribbean 'star celebrities 
  • Pe - Arak 
  • Dome - Pakon Lam 
  • Tik - Chetsada Phon 
  • Phloi - Choe Man 
  • Om - Ak Phan 
  • Phaenkhek - Khema Nit 
  • Cherry - Khem Apson 
  • Kao - Chirayu 
  • Toen - Thon Phon
  • Rotme - Khanueng Nit
  • Kan Kanta Thawon
  • Ball - Atsa Nai 
  • Nat - Chali
  • Su Kat 
  • Kaep - Thon Wet 
  • Fim - Phakhawat
  • The dense soup 'Star's leg monastery 
  • Ko Ti Aram Boi 
  • Khom Chuan Chuen 
  • Ball Choen Yim 
  • Tuck - Boribun 
  • Kroek Chinloe 
  • Phat Thai 
  • Ma - On Napha
Variety on the stage in a concert,''soup 'STAR ON STAGE 17 years, Poly Plus' celebration of the vibrant and full flavor of the game with 7 Hadใhg! Fans as a gift. Immersive.
Open the 'gift', a special piece that Poly Plus is supplied ...? A soup with light and sound on stage,'''STAR ON STAGE 17 years, Poly Plus' celebration of happiness. Variety .... and that is more than a concert, I enjoy the full flavor of the seven series on Saturday, October 8, 2554 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani
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