River Side Luxury Cruise

River Side Luxury Cruise

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River Sun Cruise ( Bangkok Ayutthaya River Cruise ) Thai Cruise Operater from Bangkok to Ayutthaya River Cruise full day tour, you can plan for your Ayutthaya trip 2 way " Travel by bus first or travel by cruise first with River Sun Cruise, For your comfort and interest the Ayutthaya Cruise is provided for you with the River Sun Cruise and air conditioned coach. Along the enchanting Chao Phraya River, you will experience the simple living of people, their homes and some of the historic buildings. You will see the highlights of both Chaophrya River Bank. River Sun Cruise " Travel and Service its Best " Daily Departure From Bangkok. Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by River Sun Cruise , Cruise Trip Daily : 06.30 am. - 16.00 pm.

River King Cruise ( Bangkok Ayutthaya River Cruise ) The Cruise will take you to the World Heritage in Thailand " Ayutthaya Province" with International Buffet Lunch & Coffee Break, Witness the sensational view of the Chaopraya River Where’re the great Temple of dawn (Wat Arun), Grand Palace ( Wat Prakaew) and Rama 8 Bridge are nested: We discern the beauty and rich with expressions of Thai life and tradition with tour program. Visit the highlights of Ayutthaya ; Summer Palace , Wat Yai Chaiyamonkol, Wat phrasisanphet, and Vihara Phramongkolbopitr. " River King Cruise " Thai & Modern Gold Teakwood Cruise " Daily Departure from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by River King Cruise, Cruise Trip Daily : 06.30 am. - 15.30 pm.

Manohra Dinner Cruise " Bangkok Rice Barge of delegate gleaming wood, Manhorah Cruise " a romantic venue for a unique and cultural experience. The Manohra Cruise , Bangkok Dinner Cruise will guide you on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok as to introduce you to the City of Angels by night…a spectacular and memorable experience! Dazzling Thai delicacies are served as to give you a delightful, cultural dining experience. For the modern couple in Bangkok, living busy exciting lives the way to travel the city is the sky train. For our date on the river we took it to Saphan Taksin, " Manorah cruise ’s pier " the gateway to the river hotel, and then the shuttle boat to Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa, Cruise Trip Daily : 19.45 pm. - 21.45 pm.

Jakkaew Boat ( Bangkok Air-conditioned Boat ) One of thai luxury cruise in Bangkok and Airconditioned on Chaophraya river in Bangkok, Treat yourself to a memorable bangkok night out aboard on of Bangkok’s most luxurious Thai style air-conditioned boat with Thai set menu dinner or sea food set dinner & coffee,tea with entertainment by Thai classical dancing and Thai music onboard. Jak Kaew Boat offer to special charter private cruise on chaophraya river on special event, Bangkok Dinner Cruise, Ayutthaya river cruise, Bangkok lunch cruise, kohkred cruise, special sunset cruise and other Bangkok cruise program on chaophraya river. Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by Jak Kaew Cruise...

Wan Fah Boat ( Bangkok Open Air-conditioned Thai Style Cruise ) Bangkok Dinner Cruise with Thai Dance, Threat yourself to the memorable night out aboard one of Bangkok ’s most luxurious boat restaurant. Relax in modern comfort and experience the warmth of Thai hospitality. Dine on a variety of authentic Thai food and Sea food Cruising along the Chao Phaya River. You can take in the scenic sunset and river life by night. A truly exotic experience and unforgettable.Thai music and classical dance. During your romantic dinner, you will see Thai music and classical Thai dances which take some part from the story of Ramayana ,the great story of Hindhu in India,the native story of some part of Thailand. " Daily Service in Bangkok " Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by Wanfah Cruise,Cruise Trip Daily : 19.00 pm. - 21.00 pm.

Loy Nava Cruise ( Bangkok Open Air - Conditioned Thai Style Cruise ) Restaurant Boat Bangkok or Bangkok luxury rice barge dinner of The River of King, Have dinner on an antique rice barge while seeing the historical landmarks along the River of King in Bangkok A Luxury rice barge journey into Thai Culture and the Thai heart. Five star dining traditional culture and touring, on the only antique teakwood rice barge on the river in Bangkok. Experience first – class Thai hospitality and delicious food from around Thailand in the comfort and tranquility of this luxury, Bangkok open-air cruise .The River of Kings. Drifting along the most historic section of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok Thailand. " Daily Service in Bangkok ", Cruise Trip Daily : 18.00 pm. - 20.00 pm. and 20.00 pm. - 10.00 pm.

Mekhala Cruise ( Bangkok Ayutthaya Overnight Cruise ) Operater to Ayutthaya Cruise package 2 Days 1 Night onboard, Journey on the River of Kings, Chaophrya River in Bangkok Thailand. Mekhala Cruise to Ayutthaya is a fine way to a touch of Thai live typical of both Chaophrya river bank, you can plan to Journey with us from ayutthaya to Bangkok by Air-conditioned transfer for travel in Ayutthaya For centuries, The River of Kings has been the lifeblood of Thailand, carrying with it the history and culture of this proud nation. Flowing down from the fertile central plains for almost 400 kilometres, this birthplace of Thai civilization connects the ancient Siamese capital Ayuthaya with the modern capital Bangkok " Daily Departure from Bangkok "Cruise Trip 2days 1 night Daily : Bangkok to Ayutthaya 14.30 pm and from Ayutthaya to Bangkok at 14.30 pm.

Chao Phraya Cruise ( Bangkok Modern Style Dinner Cruise ) is one of the luxury cruises in Thailand ; it is convenient, glamorous and classy decorated with applied Thai style which is refined, graceful, and unique. You will experience pleasant and warm Thai hospitality, full of friendliness and charm. When traveling with us, you will understand why we are known for “ The truly exotic Thai dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River Bangkok ” for your beautiful time wiht the Luxury Dinner We present you much variety of entertainments such as Thai Arts and cultural performance . You will be amused with harmonious Thai classical and modern music performed." Daily Service in Bangkok " Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by Chaophray Cruise Cruise, Cruise Trip Daily : 19.00 pm. - 21.00 pm.

Chaopraya Princess Cruise ( Bangkok Modern Style Dinner Cruise in Bangkok) A sense of wonder on the exquisite Chao Phraya cruises, Upon you first step on the Chao Phraya Princess cruise, you will discover the wonder of the splendour of both oriental and occidental art decors on the boat. The atmosphere is comfortable and romantic with a saxophone solo off from the River City pier and passes a number of remarkable landmarks, such as the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Bang Khunprom Palace, Kanlayanamitr Temple, Krungthon Bridge, and the Oriental Hotel. " Daily Service in Bangkok " Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by Chaopraya Princess Cruise, Cruise Trip Daily : 19.30 pm. - 21.45 pm.

Grand Pearl Cruise ( Bangkok Largest Modern Style Dinner Cruise ) A multi-purpose vessel for all occasion both night and day time cruising with all the safety measures and modern facilities to reach the expectations of group gatherings of up to 300 guests, Cruising along the Chao phraya River amid the romantic atmosphere and experience the exotic Bangkok in Thailand by night. Along the route are interesting places such as the beautifully-lit Grand Palace and the Temple of Dawn, Bangkok’s prominent landmark on board. Enjoy your delicious dinner as you drift along the river and experiencing Bangkok ‘s brilliant night time sights. Daily Service in Bangkok. Special Bangkok Dinner Cruise Service: Bangkok Party Diner Cruise Private by Grand Pearl Cruise. Cruise Trip Daily : 19.15 pm. - 21.15 pm.

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THE RIVER OF KING THAILAND “ Chaophraya River “ Long and wide, the Chaophraya River , or the “ River of Kings “ is a major River of Thailand. It Graceful snake from the north to central region, ending in Bangkok where it enters the Gulf of Thailand. The Choaphraya River is 370 kilometres long and approximately 150e wide 15 meters deep. Traces of the early Rattanakosin Period such as architecture and traditional way of life , Buddhist Temples , can still the found in areas along the River , largely Hidden to those Who travel by land. River Cruises Trip with us ; Welcome aboard to Thai River Cruise, Bangkok cruise operator and organizes to Thailand cruises on Chaopraya river " The River of King " Offer special Thai cruise rate to Thai cruises reservation service, Bangkok Party Dinner Cruise, Bangkok Dinner Cruise by Thai Style Cruise and Thai classical dance, or Bangkok modern style dinner cruise with live band music,Cruise Bangkok Ayutthaya Day Tour or Overnight Ayutthaya Cruise, Bangkok rice barge cruise, Bangkok canal tour, Special river cruise on Thai festival " Loy Kratong Night Cruise , Celebrate Christmas ’ Eve Dinner Cruise, Bangkok Countdown and New Year Party Dinner Cruise , Bangkok Valentine Dinner Cruise in Bangkok , We can plan and operator to all Thailand cruises with Bangok Cruise Tour and Special charter private party dinner cruise in Bangkok to your party on your special event in Thailand.

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River" is a major River of Thailand. It grace ful snake from the north to central region, ending in Bangkok where it enter the Gulf of Thailand.

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