Promenada Christmas Fair & Charity 2011

Promenada Christmas Fair & Charity 2011

When : December 22-25,2011
5.30 - 11.30 p.m.

Where : Three King monument

Category : Event / Fairs

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Who : TAT Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Municipality, and Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai

What / Why :

Promenada Christmas Fair & Charity 2011






To welcome the holiday season, TAT Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Municipality, and Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai would like to invite you to the most exciting Christmas event, Christmas Fair & Charity 2011. The event will be held at Three King monument from December 22 to December 25, 2011, starting 5.30 pm. onwards.
For the first time in Chiang Mai, Christmas Fair & Charity 2011 has transformed the courtyard of Three King Monument into an outdoor ice rink! Visitors are encourage to spectaculate a beautiful ice skating performance every night and the entrance is free for public. For those who feel like to experience ice skating, there is 100 baht flat fare ticket to enter the ice rink and dance around the icy floor. Ice skate shoes are also provided at the entrance. All the revenue gained from selling the ticket will go to orphanage children and flood relieve charity.
Apart from the ice rink, Christmas Fair & Charity 2011 features impressive festive lights and Christmas decoration creating enjoyable atmosphere like you are visiting a celebration in western country. There will be a number of activities to enjoy all through night including kid’s corner, souvenir shopping booths, food stalls, magic show, and bozo show. X’mas exhibitions are located around the ice rink and you can take photo with huge snowman, Santa Clause, and Christmas trees.
Guest to the event will also indulge in the rhythms of Christmas carol and live music from famous Thai artists such as New-Jiew, Off Pongsak, Lanna Comin, and local jazz band.
The Promenada is a shopping mall in a new style – a resort mall; it will be opened in Chiang Mai in December 2012. According to Tjeert Kwant, President of ECC International Real Estate, the Promenada does not focus solely on shopping. It is a place that also offers sports and health-related activities. Locally-made products as well as those from famous international brands will be available.






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