Nemirat in Wonderland

Nemirat in Wonderland

When : 26 November 2016

Where : Bangkok Art & CultureCentre

Category : Event / Exhibitions

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What / Why :

Storytelling Activity for Kids: “Nemirat in Wonderland”



Phra Nemiraja is a story of the last ten incarnations of the Lord Buddha which has been retold for several hundred years. It is a story of a king who made many enormous merits that caught attention of the Lord Indra so he was invited to meet the Lord in person. During his way to meet the Lord, he also visited several places both in hell and heaven in order to retell the experience and the consequences of good and bad doings to the people. This performance will present the story of Phra Nemiraja through a contemporary puppet show and was adjusted to be appropriate for the children.




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