My beautiful country

My beautiful country

When : May 10, 2015
7.30 p.m.

Where : Goethe-Institut Thailand

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My beautiful country



Kosovo, 1999. As the civil war between Serbs and Albanians rages, hatred has replaced tolerance, and towns are brutally divided along ethnic lines. The young Serbian widow Danica lives with her two sons Vlado and Danilo in a predominantly Serbian community close to a small town which the River Ibar divides into an Albanian and a Serbian section.
The death of Danica’s husband at the hands of the Albanians has left profound marks on the family. Little Danilo hasn’t spoken a word since, and Vlado has stopped going to school. 
In spite of the war, everyone in the community strives to lead normal lives. But one day, Danica comes home to find an injured Kosovo-Albanian soldier, Ramiz, in her house. Though aware that he is on the run from the Serbian militia, she nurses him back to health, thus exposing herself and the children to danger.



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