Mahler Symphony No 6 The Tragic Symphony

Mahler Symphony No 6 The Tragic Symphony

When : Thursday February 16, 2012
8.00 P.M.

Where : Mahisorn Hall, SCB Park, Bangkok

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What / Why :

Siam Philharmonic Orchestra
with members of Siam Sinfonietta

presents Mahler's Sixth Symphony
conducted by Somtow Sucharitkul

with the generous sponsorship of Siam Commercial Bank
February 16 at 20:00
Mahisorn Hall

The Siam Philharmonic's ambitious series which aims to do the entire Mahler symphonic canon by the year 2014 now passes its halfway point with what many believe to be Mahler's greatest symphony, No. 6, sometimes known as "The Tragic". Of this symphony, Alban Berg said: "It is the ONLY Sixth - despite the Pastoral."

The favorite Mahler symphony of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Sixth is a truly epic work most famous for its three "hammer blows of fate" — one of which Mahler superstitiously removed from the score. The Sixth has become one of Mahler's most popular works — a journey through profound tragedy towards joy.

The Gustav's Angels are the supporters that make this extraordinary series possible. 100 "angels" can make each concert self-sustaining. If you can see your way to donating 5,000 or more towards this project, we will honour you by placing your name permanently in future programme books for the series and you will receive a free CD of your choice from the live recordings of the series (currently available: Nos. 5, 7, and 9.) You will receive VIP seating and be invited to the post-concert reception.

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