Khon Performance: Episode of Jong Tanon

Khon Performance: Episode of Jong Tanon

When : November 2 - 30,2012

Where : Thai Cultural Center, Main Hall

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Khon Performance: Episode of Jong Tanon








When King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke the Great composed his long dramatic work, the Ramakien, as a source of entertainment for his newly-founded city, he also intended for the text to serve as a guide to excellent moral behavior and to such virtuous qualities as a soldier's devotion to his commanders, as embodied by Hanuman, and Phiphek's unwavering commitment to righteousness. It was for this reason that Her Royal Majesty Queen Sirikit wished to sponsor khon performances annually and, this year, in honor of her 80th birthday ceremony has chosen for production an episode from the Ramakien known as “The Building of the Causeway.” The organizing committee was pleased to honor Her Majesty's wishes and bring them into fruition.
This production of “The Building of the Causeway” utilizes the verses of Their Majesties King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke the Great and King Buddha Lertla Naphalai, with new transitions composed by instructors from the Department of Fine Arts intermingled with the older texts to make the progression of the story more suitable for a modern-day audience, while still preserving the classical style of khon performance of the royal courts in every regard, including in the production's sung narration and intricate choreography, which have been handed down to us through our instructors from ancient times into the present day.
“The Building of the Causeway” begins when Rama convenes a council of war after having led his monkey army from the cities of Kheedkhin and Chomphoo to their encampment on the shore opposite Longka city. Rama asks how the distant island might best be reached and his officers propose several different strategies, but it is not until Chompoowaraj, a chief among them, suggests a causeway over the ocean be constructed as a monument to the prince's power that Rama agrees, instructing Sukhreep to supervise the project. The monkeys Hanuman and Nilaphat are to alternate between the two of them the tasks of collecting boulders for the causeway and piling them into the ocean.
Nilaphat, however, has nursed a grudge against Hanuman ever since the latter abducted his leader, Lord Maha Chomphoo, to bring into Rama's service, and now plots a way to get even. When Nilaphat goes to collect the first round of boulders, Hanuman says to cast them down at a reasonable pace, but Nilaphat responds with a challenge–that however many rocks one sends down, the other must be content to catch–and proceeds to inundate his partner with more rocks than he can readily handle. But, not to be outdone by Nilaphat, when it becomes his turn to collect boulders Hanuman covers his body with rocks from the neighboring mountainsides, attaching them to his fur, and pours the rocks on Nilaphat, who is forced to use his feet to receive them all. But using one's feet to perform any task is a sign of bad manners–just as it in real Thai society–and Hanuman sees the act as an affront. The monkeys come to blows and Sukhreep is forced to separate them.
When Rama hears the clash of his soldiers in battle with each other, he sends his brother Lak to bring the offenders before him and passes judgment. Rama decides that the powerful warriors are like tigers–the two cannot be expected to share the same cave–and dismisses Nilaphat back to Kheedkhin city, putting him in charge of sending provisions to the army. For his own punishment, Hanuman is to complete the causeway by himself.
But as Hanuman continues building the causeway, Thothsakan learns of the matter and sends the ravishing Suphanna Matcha (whose name comes from Indic roots and literally means “golden fish”), his daughter by a mermaid, with instructions to destroy it with her attendant fish by carrying off the rocks the monkey pours into the ocean.





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