J20 Anniversary Concert

J20 Anniversary Concert

When : July 21 - 22,2012

Where : The Royal Paragon Hall.

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Who : A-time Showbiz

What / Why :


J20 Anniversary Concert




20 years ago, you used the waist - hips - arms - legs a break yet?


A-time Showbiz invite you to unleash all the power. I can not stand still with the godfather of dance."JJetrin"


Ready to show every step. Dance - rock - the rock - through - I understood you - you - the sound.


And the dance cause you can not stay seated.


From "J20 Anniversary Concert" The full concert! Most of JJetrin



Saturday 21 and Sunday July 22 at the Royal Paragon Hall.





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Price : 2500/2000/1500/1200 baht

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