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What / Why :

When you want to relax from routine tension, don't forget you want to relax from tension because happiness in your life is the freedom from tension. It charge your life energy for fight with the problem.

What you get from Garabuning Spa?
When you get spa service you should expect to what are you doing and what should you get after you take service such as

-Time to Relax
your tension is reduced.

-Time to Reflect
you can imagine back to your happy and fantastic time in your remember or fall in reverie of peace.

-Time to Revitalise
you could full fill life energy and back to peaceful life.

-Time to Rejoice
it made you cheerful started with image, place, smell, aromatic flora, sweet-sounding music, familiar conversation from personel and touch with spa in correct way.

Our Service

1. Herbal steam (Herbal Typically)
The original thai herbal Steams were located in rural temples. The medicinal Steam vapor was used to treat skin allments, muscle stress and respiratory problems. Besides leaving you smelling great, there are a host of other benefits to be derived from tension, ridding the body of toxins, cleansing and rejuvenating then skin.

2. Body scrub (Choose from a selection of : Coffee, Sesami Honey, Herbal Salt)
A gentle and relaxing way to remove old dead skin, restore freshness and refreshing smoother fell to your whole body, followed with vitamin E moisturising cream.

3. Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage
A meditative relaxing way massageing aroma natural oil onto your body, aromatic warm are smoothy massage (for more relaxing) (more than 15 kinds of Aromatherapy Oil)

4. Facial Massage (Natural Herbal product)
The traditional way of purifying and nourishing your face the Noth of Thailand product, such as our herbs cream, and honey as well as root masks and soft pressure point massage, will make your skin silky smooth, giving you a fresh heathy feeling. Our Facial Massage is popular choose from Green tree, Buld Plant, Cinnamon, Cuttlebone with men and women of all ages.

5. Herbal Spa Pool
Soak away your acher and pains in a Aromatherapy Floral Bath, Milk Extract Let the magical Properties of JoJoBar Oil, vitamin E. Smooter and moisturich

6. Body Treatment (Natural Dead Sea Black Muds)
Deep cleansing action refreshes and revives your skin. The Dead Sea 's most precions resource for thousands of years comes to you in a totally pure state. Containing a huge range of highly concentrated minerals to smmoth on your body it enhances and protects your skin, keeping it young looking.

Spa Formula

1. Herbal steam sauna (ancient formula)
for 30 minutes is herbal steaming room that separate into private 5 rooms. There are over 30 kind of medicinal herbs provide many properties such as muscle stress relaxing, relive muscle pain, diabetes treatment, enhance get rid of dirtiness trough sweating, detox, acne skin rash treatment provide smooth skin, etc.

2. Aromartherpy Oil Massage
for 1 hour is massage for relaxing. It help blood circulation, digestion, excretory system, respiratory system, muscle system, etc. Nourishing your skin with over 10 kind and smell selection such as lavender, ilang ilang, etc. and the outstanding smell is “Karabhuning” smell. There are many oil massage properties such as body pain reliving, blood circulation increasing, skin disinfecting, sleep helping, stimulating, refreshing and stress relaxing

3. Body scrub
for 1 hour is whole body scrub for smooth white skin, reduce dark spots, cellulites, remove old skin with natural products such as herbal salt, black sesame and black coffee.

4. Facial Massage Spa
for 45 minutes (Thai medicinal herbs) is massage for fitted face, increase blood circulation with Thai medicinal property that antiwinkle, reduce dark spots, anti comedo. There are many selections such as green tea, Whan Nang Kham, cuttlebone, Nard leave, etc. There are different properties depend on kind of herb. You can remove old skin by scrub and mask with medicinal plants, help your face fresh and flush.

5. Spa pool
for 30 minutes is bathing for relaxing. It could help in fitted skin, fresh, tension relaxing with medicinal herb, mineral water, milk and aromatic flora water.

Spa Package

Garabuning Spa package (3 Hours)
2,499 Baht *Special Price 2,249 Baht
1) Herbal Steam(Thai Herbal) 15 Minutes
2) Body Scrub 1 Hour
3) Spa pool 15 Minutes
4) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 1 Hour
5) Facial Massage (Thai Herbal) 30 Minutes
(Included 5 Treatment)

Jampee Package (2 Hours 15 Minutes)
1,649 baht *Special Price 1,590 baht
1) Herbal Steam 15 Minutes
2) Body Scrub 1 Hour
3) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 1 Hour
(Included 3 Treatment)

Rosemary package (2 Hours 45 Minutes)
2,149 baht *Special Price 1,934 baht
1) Herbal Steam 15 Minutes
2) Body Scrub 1 Hour
3) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 1 Hour
4) Facial Massage (Thai Herbal) 30 Minutes
(Included 4 Treatment)

Dalha package (2 hours 30 minutes)
1,989 baht *Special Price 1,790 baht
1) Body Scrub 1 hour
2) Aromatherapy massage 1 hour
3) Facial Massage (Thai Herbal) 30 Minutes

Bua Chom Phu package (2 hours 30 minutes)
2,280 baht *Special Price 2,050 baht
1) Aromatherapy massages 2 hours
2) Thai Facial massage (Thai Herbal)

Leelavadee Package (2 Hours 15 Minutes)
1,940 baht *Special Price 1,800 baht
1) Herbal Steam 15 Minutes
2) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 2 Hour

Chaba package (2 Hours)
1,495 baht *Special Price 1,345 baht
1) Herbal Steam 30 Minutes
2) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Jasmine Package (2 Hours)
1,835 baht *Special Price 1,650 baht
1) Aromatherapy Oil Body Massage 1 Hour 30 Minutes
2) Facial massage (Thai Herbal) 30 Minutes

Gentleman (2 Hours 45 min)
- Steam (Herbal Steam Room) 15 mimutes
- Body Scrub (Sea Salt Scrub) 1 Hour
- Garabuning Romance (Oil Massage) 1 Hour
- Facial (Green Tea Facial Massage) 30 mimutes
( Included 4 treatment )

Romance Duo (2 Hours ) (2 person)
2,990 baht *Special Dou Price
2,669 baht
- Steam (Herbal Steam Room) 30 mimutes
- Jasmine Romance (Oil Massage) 1 Hour 30 mimutes
( Included 2 treatment )

Fish Spa Therapy (20-30 min) 12-18 person per round
150 baht *Special Dou Price
150 baht


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