Educational Program

Educational Program

When : March 17-31,2012
11.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Where : Gallery, 9th floor, 5th floor,Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

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Who : HIV-Nat, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center

What / Why :


Educational Program




You Are Not Alone : for the same world we share


1. Panel discussion on the topic “AIDS: a trend that is never OUT”
Schedule: Saturday 17th March 2012, 2.30 – 4.00pm
Location: 9th floor
  • AIDS remains in society and continues to affect the lives of Thai people
  • Today’s lifestyle trends
  • Myths and Misunderstandings about HIV and people with HIV
  • Risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, in today’s urban lifestyle
  • How to lead a happy, creative, and safe life
  • Each participant’s personal perceptions of HIV and experiences with HIV infected people.
  • Lula KanyaratTiyapornchai (regarded as the first female Bossanova singer in Thailand. From her music of sweet husky voice expressing tender and uplifting emotions…what does she have to say about HIV/AIDS?)
  • Ohm Phanpiroj (artist in You Are Not Alone exhibition, his photography and film works acutely explore uncomfortably-defined groups of society. Internationally exhibited, along with photography books under his name, heis currently lecturing at Bangkok University)
  • WasanaSathianthammawit (Professional Nurse STIs/HIV counseling and care, Men’s Health Clinic, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center)
Mediator: DanaiLinjongrat, Director of Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand
2. Animation: My Happiness
Schedule: Release on 16th March, 2012 (gradual release of the 3 parts)
Location: Online social media, BACC’s website and Facebook site, Thai Red Cross’ online links, etc.
  • 3 parts-story of a girl who is born with HIV: childhood, adolescent, and working age/family.
Each part illustrates the emotions and life essentials of an HIV infected person at different ages.
  • Show that an HIV infected person has feelings and needs just like other people in society. HIV infected people are capable in leading a happy and healthy life.
  • Promote an understanding and acceptance within the public in living together with people with HIV.
3. Community workshop: knowledge and creative activity on HIV topics
Schedule: Sunday 25th March, 2012, 
10am – 2pm
Location: Klong Lord community, Sake lane
Team: Artist (NiwatManatpiyalert), HIV-Nat, Wednesday Friend’s Club
  • Participants of 12-17 years old and other community members
  • Give information about HIV and conduct an art workshop to promote the idea of living together
3.1 HIV-Nat team gives information about HIV: risks, preventions, myths & misunderstandings, and living together with HIV, etc.
3.2 Artist, Wednesday Friends Club, and HIV-Nat team lead an art workshop to promote understanding and living together: filming of “Touring My Neighborhood” and create wearable postcards for a friend.
4. BACC workshop: knowledge and creative activity on HIV topics
Schedule: Saturday, 31st March 2012,
Location: 5th floor, BACC
Team: Artist (NiwatManatpiyalert), HIV-Nat, Wednesday Friend’s Club
  • Participants: BACC’s visitors
  • This activity aims to educate and foster an understanding of HIV, and promotes living together through shared creative experience.
4.1 HIV-Nat team gives out information on HIV
4.2 Artist, Wednesday Friends Club, and HIV-Nat team lead the activity: make textile flowers to install onto a globe sculpture that will be exhibited throughout the exhibition.
5. Mobile Clinic
  • Giving out of information on HIV, blood testing service, counseling service, etc.









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