Coffee Dye Limited Edition Denim 2016

Coffee Dye Limited Edition Denim 2016

When : December 3-31,2016

Where : Akha Ama Coffee

Category : Event / Exhibitions

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What / Why :

5749 true@way Jeans of Hill Tribe and Aka Ama coffee | Coffee Dye Limited Edition Denim 2016



This collection was created through a collaboration of 5749 true@way and Aka Ama coffee. This special batch of hill-tribe style jeans was dyed in leftover coffee grounds to create a unique color. The fabric has a soft, comfortable texture as a result of the process of being boiled and soaked in coffee grounds using a special technique.
More than producing products, this brand also focuses on sharing the love and creating jobs, as well as providing the opportunity for people to improve their quality of life in different ways. Their jeans are made of cotton fabrics and natural fibers in collaboration with a coffee brand called Aka Ama, in which every bean helps to improve the sustainability of the community.