Chom Wang...Fung Pleng

Chom Wang...Fung Pleng

When : April 29, 2012
Visit 1.00 P.M. Concert 2.30 P.M.

Where : Main Hall, 10th Fl; Chalermprakiat Building, Phramongkutklao Hostpital

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Chom Wang...Fung Pleng




To commemorate her royal highness the late Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda, the Phya Thai Palace Preservation Foundation and Huajai Mee Pleng Club present a concert entitled "Chom Wang...Fung Pleng" (Enjoy the Palace, Listen to Music) at the Chalerm Phrakiat Hall on the 10th floor of Phra Mongkutklao Hospital on April 29 starting 2:30pm.
The concert will feature a selection of HM King Rama VI's compositions including Dokmai, Pran Taley, Sansern Suapa, Fung Dontri Terd Chuenjai, Sarn Rak, Duangjai, Roi Jai Pen Malai Rak, Seechang, Suriyan Chantra and more.
All the songs, among the Princess's favourite, will be crooned by national artists and veteran singers including Suthep Wongkamhaeng, Sawali Pakapan, Jintana Suksathit, Santi Lunpe, Anucha from Hamburger Band and two famous choirs _ Kratae Tai Mai and Karn Krung. Music will be provided by Kanjanapalin Band.
Prior to the show, the audience can join a guided tour of the Phaya Thai Palace that sits on the same premises as the hospital. The tour is available from 1pm onwards.




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