Charin in Concert No. 13

Charin in Concert No. 13

When : October 26 - 27, 2013.
2.00 P.M.

Where : Thailand Cultural Center, Main Hall

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What / Why :

Charin in Concert No. 13



The epic of songs and visual

by Charin in concert No. 13


This world is a play


the phrase that "William Shakespeare" admitted to life. Later, many movies and songs are talking about. Regarding this concert, you’ll be surely be impressed by Charin and his special guests.


Special Guests

- Pongsri Woranuch (Queen of Thai tradition song / National artist), along 50 years of existence, she owns several hits like Duan Pissawat, Fak Duan etc

- Orawee Satjanon, the spectacular voice of age

- Chantahana Kittiyapan , singer and actress who own the hit “Kol Kam Haeng Kham Rak”

- Sinjai Plengpanich , the legendary actress of Thailand


Duangjai Nai Fan, Lok Nee Kua Lakorn, Yard Petch, Kol Kam Haeng kwam Rak, Diew Dai, Taas Thewi, Son Rak Rak Son, Roy Tai, Kliad Khon Suay, Khon Thun Ram Pueng, Faak Din, Duangjai, Dak Fah Nai Mua Jone, Luem mai Long, Lan The, Saeng Duen Tuen Rak, Paan Nee, Dao Pra Dub Fah, Chan Ja Fun Tung Ther, Namta Saeng Tai, Morasoom Sawat, Ruen Pae, Duan Pissawat.




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