Bridge over the River Khwae Fair

Bridge over the River Khwae Fair

When : November 26, 2010 - December 5, 2010

Where : Kanchanaburi

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Enjoy visiting the miniature “Ancient Town of Kanchanaburi”, a historical and lifestyle presentation of Kanchanaburi province, the long entrance to the River Khwae Bridge and fair will be decorated, light and sound presentation on “The River Khwae Bridge and the Death Railway” at the River Khwae Bridge, sales of local and OTOP products.
When most people think of Kanchanaburi, the first images to pop into their mind are of lazy days by the riverside, a few waterfalls and perhaps a jungle trek with an elephant thrown in. Bangkok resident Mark Fenn visited Kanchanaburi in late 2005 for the River Kwai Bridge Festival and found attractions and a festival well worth searching out.
Their plight was immortalised in Pierre Boulle's novel The Bridge On The River Kwai and the same-named classic 1957 movie. The bridge was a key part of the railway line and while the original was bombed by the Allies in 1945, the reconstruction is now Kanchanaburi's biggest tourist attraction and the focus of the festival, which is held in late November and early December each year.

The highlight was a spectacular nightly sound-and-light show which featured a replica PoW camp on the opposite bank of the river, searchlights, fireworks, and a old-fashioned train steaming across the bridge in a blaze of colour. I also enjoyed the Sixty Years of Peace display. This featured a short documentary on the Death Railway, accompanied by miniature props including a train and a model of the bridge. It was of limited educational value to anyone with a cursory knowledge of the events described, but was nonetheless well-presented.

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