BOI Fair Thailand 2011

BOI Fair Thailand 2011

When : January 5, 2012 - January 20, 2012
9.30 am - 6.00 pm

Where : Impact exhibition and Convention Center, Muangthong Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand

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BOI FAIR Thailand 2011

"BOI FAIR Thailand" going green in the future will cover an area almost 300,000 square metres, enough room for a wide range of activities and facilities. There will be open-air and exhibits or 84 pavilions occupying a fold of 211,000 square metres of space metres. The Fair will also provides facilities for seminars and other miscellaneous activities.

Outdoor activities arrayed around the lake will be held in 84 pavilions, a number chosen in reference to the fair's celebration of the H.M. the king's Royal Projects. The other pavilions which will cover 500 square metres each, will showcase technological achievements and innovations by BOI-promoted foreign and Thai companies, showing the potential for the future.

Indoor activities and exhibits will be divided into two parts. Building 9 will consist of a seminar hall at which of seminars will be held. BOI FAIR Thailand buildings will include exhibits by the Ministry of Industry, tourism promotion activities, exhibits organized by embassies or chambers of commerce and displays of selected products that are outstanding examples of applied traditional Thai wisdom.

The Chalenger 1-3 buildings will be used for BOI FAIR Thailand and for the sale of various products. There will be exhibitions that focus o Thailand's successes and potential, ranging from agriculture to industry and service. Merchandise offered for sale will include 5-star OTOP products, economically-prices high-quality consumer goods, appliances, household decorator items, ready-to-wear clothing, beverages, and tasty dishes from parts of all four of Thailand's regions of BOI's "Four-Regions Feast".

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