Ayara Party

Ayara Party

When : June 20-21, 2011

Where : Ban Mai Pattana Village, Sangkhlaburi District, Kanchanaburi Province

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What / Why :

Elephant merit making for boosting their morale (Krachong joong), decorative rope tying on elephant legs, special meals (large fruit cakes) for elephants. Kratop Poey elephants procession, Karen dance --Ram Tong dance, local drama--. Iyara parties or Karen feeding elephants, all of which are the traditional rites performed by mahout. In the past, each person performed the rites individually. At present, all of them jointly perform all the rites together at the "Iyara Party" with full support from the province, Sanklaburi District, Nong Loo Subdistrict Administration, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Kanchanaburi provincial office.

The festival starts with a classical dance performed by young female Karens and an elephant parade to Mai Pattana Temple through decorated arch, followed by religious ceremony and chanting by monks for blessings of the elephants and the participant. After that, the mahout will bring elephant to make merit in Kratop Proey parade towards the monks. The monks will bless the elephants, tie decoration ropes at elephant legs (Kai krachong Joong) and feed the elephants -- Iyara party-- on various kinds of fruits such as banana, sugar cane, jack fruit, water melon, pine-apple decorated as large cakes surrounding the "sasi Nger ker tong tau mer" chedi. Tourists may also visit other attractive spots in Sangkla buri, such as taking a boat trip to an under water town (the submerged Luang Phor Utama Temple), going shopping at Puthakaya market, meet with monks, pay homage to the late Luang Phor Utama, riding an elephant, rafting and walking along the Mon Bridge, which is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand.

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